Friday, 27 June 2014

Leading Like Christ

"Though the Father knew our frame prior to the incarnation and remembered “we are dust” (cf. Ps. 103:13, 14), the Son entered our fragile mortality in order to understand our weaknesses and become our sympathetic High Priest. These are the great lengths to which God went in order to listen to his people, his generosity bidding us to surrender our lives and receive from him grace for our weaknesses, mercy for our fears and failures. Isn’t it true that all of us—men and women—are led most eagerly by those who’ve attempted to walk the proverbial mile in our shoes?"
"...Too long, we’ve mistakenly billed women’s issues as the concerns of women alone—when pastors and husbands, if they want to lead well, must lean attentively into the conversations women are having... Men should seek to understand the intentions of women’s conferences, even as they should endeavor to read books written by women. In this way, they engage sympathetically with perspectives not their own, and concerns, both practical and theological, are refracted in different light. To return to my opening example, men may not struggle, for example, with splintered days and the dizzying sense of responsibility that comes from wearing many hats and spinning many plates. Yet if pastors and male teachers want to offer a sound theology of work, from the pulpit, someone needs to be talking about the laundry... When men understand the concerns of women—even try to imaginatively enter the struggles women face—they lead better. They lead like Christ."
-Jen Pollack Michel on TGC Blog

And this is why I am troubled by the way moviemakers overwhelmingly assume that women and girls will watch stories about men but men and boys will not watching stories about women. The way so many kids book default to a male as a main character. This is why I buy my two sons books with female main characters and watch movies with female main characters. This is why I blog about the Default Male and cite statistics about the underrepresentation of females in the media. This is why it matters-- this is an area the church should be leading, not trailing the world, and I want my sons to grow up knowing that they can learn from, enjoy, and see themselves reflected in the stories of women. I want them to lead like Christ.

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