Thursday, 23 May 2013


For some time, I've needed a better place than Facebook notes to share some musings on complementarianism, feminism, women's rights, and Biblical womanhood. I have been thinking a lot about the tension between my complementarian views and women's rights issues including (but not limited to) oppression, oversexualization, and media portrayals of women. I do not believe there should be a tension between the two, but since I haven't come across much conversation between complementarianism and the women's rights issues normally championed by feminists, I think there is room in the blog-world for this little space.

My intention is to address Christians; my posts will assume a Reformed worldview and will be from a complementarian perspective. Hopefully I can approach the issues in a way that is Biblical, honest, and encouraging, and share the good news as well as the problems.

I am always happy to be directed to news articles, resources, and any media that touches on the topics I discuss here, so do feel free to point them out to me. I also welcome debate and correction-- you'll notice me saying "I think" a lot, and Scriptural truth and concrete facts brought to bear on what I think are most welcome. And with that-- forward ho!

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